Wilmington College published this list of qualities/traits that make a good accountant. We are grateful for these qualities in our team members!

  1. You shine behind the scenes
  2. You’re detail-oriented
  3. You can think of money as numbers
  4. You’re tech-savvy
  5. You have a strong work ethic
  6. You value personal and professional integrity
  7. You have great communication skills
  8. You’re a team player
  9. You have passion for problem-solving
  10. You’re trustworthy and reliable
  11. You’re creative
  12. You have a sense of accountability
  13. You’re well organized
  14. You persevere
  15. You’re adaptable
  16. You take a proactive approach
  17. You’re good at math
  18. You’re good at budgeting and finances
  19. You’re efficient
  20. You’re good at time management